<p><strong>“What’s your safe word, angel?”</strong></p> <p>...Emily Shoney will never forget those words. Or the gorgeous masked stranger who approached her in the club. She never saw his face and he never saw hers. Yet his question awakens hidden longings.</p> <p>She needs to forget that night. Her ex wants to destroy her, and her latest temp job is the strangest assignment she’s ever received. If Emily can’t fulfill this assignment, she’ll be at her ex’s mercy.</p> <p>She’s trying her best to keep it together. But she can’t forget the man in the demon mask.</p> <p>…Jasper Neumann doesn’t have time for nonsense. That goes doubly for his brother’s ridiculous “Paid Procrastinator” practical joke. Jasper’s got a corporate empire to run.</p> <p>Poor Emily is an innocent casualty of Jasper’s family drama. She’s hot and smart, and she meets Jasper’s surliness with disarming sweetness.</p> <p>She’s too distracting.</p> <p>He’s got to get rid of Emily, one way or another.</p> <p>Out of his life. Forever.</p> <p>But he can’t stop thinking about her, either.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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